Spark Ball: Episode 1 - Daily #4 - Thankyou!

2017-07-30 05:13:50 by projectanything

Wow! We woke up this morning to find our new video Spark Ball: Episode 1 is Daily #4 ! Thank you so much, guys! It really means a lot to us that there's like-minded people out there connecting with what we're doing and get our... unique sense of humour!

At the risk of repeating from an earlier post, we've been fans of Newgrounds for years - lurking in the darkness watching the movies, playing the games, we're really happy to finally have content of our own to share.. and the encouraging, positive comments make our day.

Episode 2 is underway, we look forward to sharing that with you too when it's completed!

If you guys want to check out some other things we've done, we have a Youtube channel with some non-animated content, and feel free to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter too or give us a 'Follow' right here on NG for more updates. Oh, and a couple of us make music.

Thanks again guys, much love!

Mike, Lee & Roggers


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2017-07-30 19:30:38


projectanything responds:

Thanks for the support, IgnaxioYT! (Your name totally took a few goes to type on my phone there)