Spark Ball Episode 3 is LIVE!

2017-10-16 15:58:17 by projectanything

Spark Ball episode three is now live! Thanks to everybody who has already viewed, rated, or reviewed this instalment, we had an absolute blast making it. This episode switches things up a little and starts to explore the wider world of Spark Ball and its characters, so there’s never been a better time to get onboard!

Of course, a huge thanks must go out to the legend himself Sexual Lobster for appearing in this episode as the shady Whipman. He smashed (cracked?) it!

Much love from us to you,
PA x


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Onward to Episode Three!

2017-09-19 17:35:55 by projectanything

Hey there, people!


With another episode down, and after some great responses and feedback, we’re well into the writing phase for episode three of Spark Ball. The next instalment is looking to be a little bit of a departure from what’s already been seen in the previous two episodes; with more of a focus on the characters outside of game day, we’ll start to get a view of the wider picture in the ongoing story and what motivates certain characters - there may even be one or two new faces showing up, one of them in particular with a very familiar voice... more on that later though.


Stay tuned for more updates from us, there’s a lot going on in the Project Anything camp at the moment!

Check us out, working hard and whatnot in this totally candid in-studio shot... Totally candid... Yep... Candid camera.
















Check us out, working hard and whatnot in this totally candid in-studio shot... Totally candid... Yep... Candid camera.

Spark Ball Episode 2 Coming This Weekend!

2017-08-23 19:21:16 by projectanything

Greetings, sports fans!

We’ve been hard at work over the last few weeks on the second episode of our new Spark Ball series, and we’re very excited to be able to release it THIS coming weekend! With much more story elements this time around, along with some more intricate animation sequences and some bangin’ music to boot, we’re really looking forward to everybody seeing it.

Picking up where the first episode left off, episode two will be pitting two old allies together - master vs student, as well as checking in on the aftermath of the big match from Redman’s point of view. There’ll be thrills, there’ll be spills - there may be the odd backhand! Come check it out in just a few days time!

Hey everyone! Just a little check in to show our appreciation for all the views, comments, and responses we’ve received in our first week here on Newgrounds. We’ve hit just over 1000 views on our sixth day since uploading the first episode of our brand new series, Spark Ball, and we couldn’t be happier with the way it’s been accepted into the community. Following some great feedback and encouragement from some of you, and apparently even getting one or two votes for July’s Best Of, it’s safe to say we’re feeling really positive about future instalments of our crazy little animation. Thanks y’all - Stay tuned! PA x

Spark Ball: Episode 1 - Daily #4 - Thankyou!

2017-07-30 05:13:50 by projectanything

Wow! We woke up this morning to find our new video Spark Ball: Episode 1 is Daily #4 ! Thank you so much, guys! It really means a lot to us that there's like-minded people out there connecting with what we're doing and get our... unique sense of humour!

At the risk of repeating from an earlier post, we've been fans of Newgrounds for years - lurking in the darkness watching the movies, playing the games, we're really happy to finally have content of our own to share.. and the encouraging, positive comments make our day.

Episode 2 is underway, we look forward to sharing that with you too when it's completed!

If you guys want to check out some other things we've done, we have a Youtube channel with some non-animated content, and feel free to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter too or give us a 'Follow' right here on NG for more updates. Oh, and a couple of us make music.

Thanks again guys, much love!

Mike, Lee & Roggers

Our Newgrounds Debut - Spark Ball: Episode 1

2017-07-29 07:14:50 by projectanything

Hey guys, allow us to introduces ourselves - we are Project Anything - a group of guys that love to create without boundaries, be it music, comedy or.. whatever else we come up with!

It's a fantastic feeling for us to finally release a video on Newgrounds after being fans for years and years, we fondly remember the first time coming across the Awesome series, the Stamper videos and all the stuff! We're proud to be part of the community and hope you dig our first offering Spark Ball: Episode 1

Also, if you like what you see/hear - feel free to check out our Youtube channel which has videos of a non-animated nature.

Mike, Lee & Roggers.